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APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Place a check mark next to the Plato s Closet Locations in which you would like to be considered for employment. You may select more than one location: Plato s Closet Palm
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19) Brandon, FL 34212 platoscloset Brandon 15010/17 (Hwy.19/19-2A) Brandon, FL 34219 platosclosets Brandon 15010/17 (Hwy.
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If you've ever brought stuff into Plato's Closet I bet you're wondering what we're thinking as we're going through your stuff we understand the process can seem a little daunting, so we're going to give you a little insight as to what we're thinking as we're going through your items all of our buyers receive extensive training to become certified and what we buy is based on what's selling for us, we want to buy everything from you, but we can only buy what has been proven to sell well for us so let's walk through the buying process as we're going through your items we're really letting our eyes do all the work so if you see us pass over something quickly it's probably because we saw a spot or a hole or something else that made us unable to buy the item so here we have some items now this shirt used to be a black shirt it's a little more faded and worn than what we're able to purchase so move on to the next item Oh velour yes once this was a very hot style, but this style is just a little harder for us to sell here in the store, so unfortunately we do pass on it even if it is Juicy Couture here we have a maxi dress now looking at it looks like a very hot style that we would be able to purchase but going through a further inspection you can see down here on the bottom that there is a little hole that you might not have noticed in your closet, but it is something that we do look for here so here we have a pair of Hollister skinny denim definitely a hot style that we're looking for but upon opening the jeans there is a tiny little stain here on the thigh which unfortunately we will have to pass on here we have a hot label American Eagle denim skirt but looking a little closer this is just showing a little more wear where the distressing was and yes this makes it a little harder for us to sell in the store so here we have an older style dress and I don't know if you can tell the fabric through the camera, but it is a polyester blend which don't see a lot of junior styles being made with anymore all right here's another black t-shirt it is a youth size, so it's just a little too small for us here, and again it's showing a little wear this shirts also a good example of a destination shirt a souvenir you picked up on vacation makes it a little harder of an item for us to sell in here if it's from a place that you went here we have a hot label Forever 21's and as you can see this dress has a lot of bead works on it, I was with special details sell really well for us here at Plato's Closet so these items we are definitely looking to buy here we have a very short basic tank top items like this are a little harder for us to sell they're a little shorter and less fitted, so we would pass on this shirt here is a tank top again very basic no logo no graphics no prints but do you see how the length is nice and long this is a very hot item for us here at Plato's Closet, and we will be purchasing this so here's another tank top brand new with tags the brand is...
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